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Canciones de Amor y Amargura's Journal

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14th December 2005

ambienceman2:09pm: More artists like Memin and Luis Vargas?

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30th October 2005

lamorena845:04pm: Hey guys!!
I am new to LJ and this community. I am 21 and 1/2 dominican and 1/2 mexican. I went to DR this summer and there is this merengue song that reminds me of my brother over there. Do you guys know what would be like the top 10-20 songe in that genre. I don't what the name of the song is nor who sings it. Can you please see if you could help me??
Current Mood: curious

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28th October 2005

freakurbeans1:04am: hola gente! I just joined, me llamo Jen y tengo 19 años. I've been listening to Bachata since this past summer..my ex got me into it. It is absolutely beautiful music. I also love Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, y Vallenatos. Anyways just wanted to say hi and can't wait till this community gets more members and gets goin` =)
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25th June 2005

jerseynegrita12:14pm: I forgot all about this community!!
What's up, how is everyone? Anybody got any good cds or some bachata/merengue news? The last bachata cd I got was Monchy y Alexandra...
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25th February 2005

sexseachiquita5:47pm: Newbie
Hey whats up i'm a newbie to the community. I love Bachata music. My favorite song is Hoja En Blanco by Monchy Y Alexandra. I love their music and that song brings back so many memories. I hope to make friends here. I am 16 and i live in North Hollywood, CA . Holla back to this chica.
Current Mood: mellow

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23rd February 2005

thebutt1:45pm: okay so I am new to the community and I just wanted to post and give some info about me. I am 16 years old...954 south florida.... my mom is from peru i was born in Los Angles(I havent been back since)....
well i gotta go i am in class so... xoxo pamela

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25th October 2004

jerseynegrita7:42am: Welcome....
Welcome to bachateros...we'll be launching as soon as jerseynegrita gets herself together academically...that may not be until December, but feel free to join anyway!! :-D
Current Mood: amused

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